Our Home Owner Testimonials

“We have worked closely with Tom London and his team for over eighteen months during the design and construction process. The end result of this extensive effort is a beautiful house that was built as planned and within the budget that was established at the start of the project. This was the first home my wife and I have built, and the experience was a positive one for both of us. We feel very fortunate to have worked with Thomas Signature Homes on this project… The design process worked well because of the balanced integration of the contribution of the architect, the builder and the interior and exterior designer. This was a team effort encouraged and led by Tom London, and produced something that could be built effectively while meeting our functional requirements and visual preferences. The project management and cost control was very solid and reflected Tom's corporate background… Tom's honesty and integrity were apparent throughout the course of the project and we never had any concerns about construction draws and the overall management of the project."

Gary and Trish Thompson,

“[Tom’s] knowledge of construction helped educate me on the process of building a house and because he took the time to understand how I was going to live in it, I made good decisions. He always took time to make sure I knew what was happening, why it was happening that way and that I was satisfied with the end result. Overall, I could not have had a more favorable experience. Tom is actively involved in every decision and you never get handed off to someone else. His professionalism also continues post closing, as he is always available for questions, references or just to help out. I am extremely satisfied with my home and am thankful that Tom was my builder. I recommend him every chance I get."

Kelly Shield,

“Tom has always conducted himself in a professional manner and brought his vast knowledge of his trade to the job. We have now been living in the home for just over a year and are completely satisfied with the quality of construction, how well everything has worked and the efficiency of the green house additions which were implemented in the construction of the home. Tom stands behind his product with wonderful support and his devotion to his home does not stop once the sale is final. Tom continues serving his home owners in every way and leaves me with no doubt that Tom would rectify any unforeseen and hidden issues which may crop up before, during or after the construction phase. We would not hesitate to refer Tom London to other potential homeowners who are also in need of quality services from a home builder."

Norma and Gary DeLong,

“Tom is a person of extremely high integrity, attention to detail and professionalism. The house is very well built with excellent forethought around amenities, demonstrating a strong knowledge of his target customer. The focus and expertise that Tom brings to “green-built homes” goes well beyond cosmetic selling points. We have benefitted greatly from lower utility bills as a result of his expertise. More importantly, Tom has stood behind every aspect of the home, and has set a new standard for us in what we consider strong customer service."

Christina and Ajoy Karna,